Are all of your products custom made by hand?

Yes, all sneakers are hand painted by me to order (customs take anywhere from 2-20 hours), all stencils are designed and cut by me, and all apparel is designed by me.

How long will it take me to receive my order?

All custom shoes and apparel on my website are hand made, therefore, these items ship in 2-3 weeks. Stencils take 2 days-1 week to ship. It takes a while to get products done in the best quality possible, therefore, this is the time frame! Check out the Shipping & Refunds tab to get more information.

I want a custom, but it is not on your website, what should I do?

I like to add shoes to my website that are highly requested. However, this does not mean that these are the only customs I offer. If you have an idea for a pair of customs you would like, DM me on Instagram @Visionarykickz, and we can work something out to get you a dope product!

What social media platforms can we find you on?

Instagram: @Visionarykickz

YouTube: @Visionarykickz

TikTok: @Visionarykickz

Twitter: @Visionarykickz

Snapchat: @Visionarykickz

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, but only in specific cases. Refunds are only offered if your product is damaged (pictures are taken of all orders before shipping to have record of how they were sent) or if it was shipped to you after the time frame that is offered. If your order has already been shipped with no damage in the correct time frame, a  refund cannot be offered as these products are made to order. Please note the time frames for shipping before purchasing. Check out the Shipping & Refunds tab to get more information.

I need a custom product last minute, is there any way to get orders sooner?

If you urgently need a custom pair of shoes in a quicker time frame, you can DM me on Instagram @Visionarykickz  and we can try to work something out. Please keep in mind that this is not always guaranteed.

Who can I contact for help on my order?

You can email Visionarykickz.help@gmail.com, any emails sent to my personal business email will not be responded to.